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Oct 16, 2012

Restore an original image in iPhoto

by Stephen Ashby

If you’ve edited an image using iPhoto, accessing the original shot is simpler than you might think…

Restore an original image in iPhotoRestore an original image in iPhotoWhen Apple recently launched iPhoto for iPad, one of its most useful functions was the ability to compare your edited shot with the original image via a simple tap of a button. A lot of people got in contact with us and asked why the system wasn’t so easy on iPhoto for Mac. They said the only way to compare their shots was by choosing the Revert to Original button in the Edit tab for each photo, or in the Photos option of the menubar.

In fact, there isn’t any obvious way to perform the action of comparing your edited picture to the original, unedited version. While reverting the image back to its original is sometimes a valid option, for the more sizable edits it can take a great deal of time for the changes to process. In these situations, there is a much easier solution to the problem, and one that many an experienced iPhoto user won’t even know about…Restore an original image in iPhoto

Restore an original image in iPhoto1: Reverting

In the Edit panel that slides in from the right is the option to revert your image to its original form. This is fine if you’re unhappy with your edit and want to start over again, but it will take time to remove effects.

Restore an original image in iPhoto2: Shift it

While you’re viewing an edited photo, simply hit the Shift key and you will instantly see the original image appear for as long as you hold. It’s an instant change, so no more waiting for the program to catch up.

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