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Aug 28, 2012

Learn how to manage your contacts on

by Freddie Harrison

Keep on top of your contact lists with a little spring cleaning using the web version of Apple’s very own cloud service. We’ll show you how it’s done.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - SidebariCloud - Manage Contacts - MainHaving your contacts synced to every device you own through iCloud is great, and it really helps to stay up to date. However, with so many devices uploading data whenever you add new contacts, it can sometimes get a little cluttered, and if you want to do a little spring cleaning the best place to do it is right on the iCloud website. The site itself is highly capable, and allows you to view things like Calendars and Mail, as well as downloading your latest iWork documents to continue working on. It also gives you full access to your contacts with an interface that is very similar to that of the native Address Book app in Lion. This lets you add, edit and delete contacts, as well as giving you the ability to create new groups and change the way your contacts are displayed. If you need a tidy, dive straight into this guide and find out what you need to do.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step-By-Step

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 1

Step 1: Login

Head to and log in using your Apple details. Tick the box under the login options if you want to automatically be logged in every time.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 2

Step 2: Get in contact

You will now see five icons. You can access plenty of other features here, but for now you need to click on the Contacts icon.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 3

Step 3: Duplicates

The display will be familiar to anyone who has used the Address Book in Lion. Here we can see a duplicated contact, so let’s delete one of them.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 4

Step 4: Erasing contacts

You can either click Edit in the bottom-left corner of the contact card and scroll to find the Delete button, or click the contact and press Backspace.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 5

Step 5: Get a new card

Your card will have a small user icon. If your card isn’t right, select the one you want to make your card and choose Make This My Card from the Settings menu.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 6

Step 6: Preferential

If you click on the Settings cog and choose Preferences, you can change things like the layout of addresses and the way names are displayed.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 7

Step 7: As a group

It’s also possible to select several contacts at once. Hold the Command key and click those you want. You can either delete the lot, or create a group.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 8

Step 8: Grouping

Click Create Group and you’ll be taken to this screen, where you can change the name of your group or delete it. This is great for the fast sorting of contacts.

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Step 9

Step 9: Bookmarked

Click the bookmark at the top of the page and you will swap back to the list and card view in the group that you currently have selected.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iCloud - Manage Contacts - Annotated

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    • Rob

      I have a issue with name displays… iCloud Contacts..
      If you add a contact to Contacts using First Name, Surname (John Smith) and save it
      You then add a Company only (Good Company Pty Ltd) and save it
      You edit the First Name Surname record by adding a Company (Good Company Pty Ltd), Save it
      You edit the Company only record by adding a First Name, Surname (Peter Smith) and save it

      Now you show have 2 records with the same company Peter Smith and John Smith.
      If you search for them by Company, 1 will display Company 1st the other will display Surname 1st.

      How do I make them display the same, either both displaying by Name or both displaying by Company ?..



    • Alice Morrison

      I enjoyed the article but what it doesn’t make clear is how to separate contacts – I signed up for iCloud with my btinternet email account and so it has copied a whole host of email contacts onto my iphone which is REALLY annoying! How do I get rid of them? And get my old phone numbers back. I also want to keep the email contacts I just want them separate.

    • pkincy

      Sorry doesn’t work primarily because this app does not exist in the App Store