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Jan 19, 2013

iPhoto tutorial – How to beam photos between iOS devices

by Freddie Harrison

Forget Mail. Follow our simple, step-by-step guide to find out how to instantly share photos with friends on separate devices by using iPhoto’s Beam feature.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - SidebariPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - FeaturedSharing photos and their memories is an age-old tradition, and even as technology has evolved, we have continued to look for ways to make this process possible, and in many cases, quicker. One such way to do this is through ‘Beaming’ over a Wi-Fi network between two devices using iPhoto. The process itself is relatively simple to set up and action, with the end result being instant image transfers between two iOS devices.

The beauty of Beaming is that all you need is two devices with iPhoto open and you’re ready to sent images back and forth. The app will keep you organised by creating a file dedicated to your beamed images. The real benefactors here will be those who love to play photographer with their iPhone, but would then like to edit their images on a bigger screen, ie their iPad. Thanks to Beam you can make this transfer immediately, make those edits and then send it back to your iPhone if you so wish…

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step-by-Step

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 1

Step 1: Wireless Beaming

The first step in the process is to turn on Wireless Beaming on both devices. This is done in the top-right of iPhoto’s UI, under the Settings clog.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 2

Step 2: Browse

Next, you’ll need to browse through your photos and find the ones you want to share. Note, you can Beam up to a hundred images at once.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 3


Step 3: Share

Once you have an idea of the photos you want to Beam, tap the Share icon and then the Beam option in the centre of the drop-down menu.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 4

Step 4: Take your pick

The window will then change and ask you to choose which photos you would like to Beam. Tap Selected to send the one you’re currently looking at.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 5

Step 5: Extra choices

If you want to send more than one image, hit Choose. Tapping thumbnails on the left will add small ticks, indicating they are on your Beaming list.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 6

Step 6: Photo location

Don’t be caught out by the alert message that will appear on-screen, it is just to let you know that Beam uses Location Services. Tap Allow to move on.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 7

Step 7: Pick device

Your device will now search for Beam partners, and create a list below. Tap your desired destination and then Beam Photos to start the transfer process.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 8

Step 8: Accept photos

On your other device you will need to accept the image to receive it. Sending multiple images in one batch saves you accepting images repeatedly.

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Step 9

Step 9: Beamed

On the receiving device, you will now see your iPhoto Library update. A new album will appear on your iPhoto shelf dedicated to your beamed photos.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iPhoto iOS Tutorial - Beam Photos - Annotated

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