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Jan 18, 2011

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments

by Stephen Ashby

The iPad is better suited for work than an iPhone. In this tutorial we’ll show you how the iPad deals with email attachments

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With AttachmentsiPad Tutorial: How to Work With AttachmentsWhether you use a PC or a Mac, it’s hard to imagine a day when you don’t have to deal with email attachments. It therefore stands to reason that you’re going to be faced with similar tasks while using your iPad. So, how does the iPad handle email attachments? That question will actually greatly depend on what type of file is attached to your email message in the first place.
This tutorial will show you how you can work with your iPad to handle common files such as photos, iWork or Microsoft Office documents and PDFs. They each behave in slightly different ways, but the principle is actually very similar for each type and it’ll take you next to no time to find your way around the iPad interface.
However, receiving attachments is only half the story. It’s obvious that you will also need to send them out too – whether from Mail itself or via a send option in other apps – which is why we’ll cover that part as well. So pick up your iPad and let’s see how all of this works.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
1: Into the photo app

When you’re sent an image, adding it to your photo
library is easy: tap and hold on it to reveal a popover
menu. Select ‘Save Image’.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
2: RTF and PDF files

If you’re dealing an RTF file or PDF, tapping on its
icon will open it in Quick Look, where you can view
and copy text, but you can’t edit anything.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
3: iWork and Office documents
With other documents like Word or Pages ones,
tapping on it will lead to the same Quick Look section;
but if you need to edit it, there’s another way.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
4: Getting out of Quick Look
To get out of Quick Look, tap on the screen. You can
choose ‘Done’ to get back to Mail or ‘Open in Pages’
if you own the Pages application. Do the former.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
5: Open in an editing app
To get straight to Pages without going into Quick
Look, tap and hold on the file’s icon. This reveals a
popover menu. Select ‘Open in “Pages” ’.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
6: Copying a photo

Going back to a photo attachment, if you want to use
it in iWork but not add it to your library, tap and hold
on it and select ‘Copy’ from the popover menu.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
7: Pasting elsewhere
To open a document in Pages for instance (either an
existing one or from an attachment), tap and hold to
reveal a menu and select ‘Paste’ to add that photo.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
8: Attaching a file
To attach a file from one of your iWork apps, select
a document from the Gallery, tap on the first button
in the toolbar (lower left) and choose ‘Send via Mail’.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments
9: Attaching a photo
To send a photo, select it and tap on the same button,
just as you did in the previous step. Only this time it’s
located at the top right of the interface.

iPad Tutorial: How to Work With Attachments

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    • Ayman

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for the above tutorial.

      I am having a problem to reply to emails from ipad 2 and attach multiple files (documents, PDF’s and photos…etc) in a single email. of course I can forward emails that have multiple attachements, but some times I need to edit these documents before I send it again.

      From within the applications for example Pages I can’t select multiple files and send it in one email, do you have any idea how to do that from IPAD MAIL? appreciate your help and support.

      Ayman B

    • Eugene

      Could somebody please tell me why a file from Documents To Go when attached to an outgoing email arrives at its destination without the attachment

    • Rachel

      What about power point attachments?

    • Stephen Ashby

      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for getting in touch. For Powerpoint documents the whole system is exactly the same (as they are part of the Office suite), but if you want to view them on your iPad you will need the Keynote app from Apple. This will allow you to view, edit and create presentations on your iPad.

      Hope this helps!

    • Obhur

      Stephen you did not replay to Ayman’s question, which I also am having problems with.

      Today i received an email, and i had to replay to that email with three attachments from pages. So there are two problems:

      1. How do i replay to an email WITH an attachment. if is always better to replay to emails than send new one to keep the emails linked.

      2. How do I attach several attachments from pages? I can select several documents, but when I do the button for exporting the document disappears and I becomes unpressable.

      Please respond to my comment, since I am starting to use an iPad more than a computer, and I keep using a computer and transferring documents and a lot of hassle just to attach a file to an email.



    • Stephen Ashby

      Hi Obhur,

      Sorry for not replying sooner, we’ve been working hard on the magazine for the last few weeks! Sadly, I’m afraid we’re not aware of a solution to your problem – at the present time there isn’t a way to attach a document to a reply. It is also not possible to send several documents in one email as far as we know. Hopefully this will be remedied in a future update to iOS or Pages, or can be solved using another email app. I’m sorry we can’t be more helpful!


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    • Jim

      Mail attachments. I got sent a PowerPoint and it opened fine on the new iPad. When I send a PP to my yahoo I cant open. Any suggestions?