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Jan 20, 2013

How to create incredible photo collage emails with iPhoto

by Freddie Harrison

Follow our guide and find out how to take advantage of iPhoto’s in-built email system to send stunning photo collages to your friends and family in just minutes.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - SidebariPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - FeaturedTrust Apple to take a common occurrence that works well and turn it into a work of art that works even better. That’s what our favourite company has done with the email system in iPhoto. Far beyond sending a folder full of images that have to be opened and managed by the recipient, this system elegantly packages a greeting that combines all the photos together into a stylish single image that can be tailored for any occasion.

The system is utterly simple, and far from being restrictive, offers a number of ways to tweak each and every email. It does this through a batch of templates, font size, type and colour options, as well as the ability to move and scale each image within the template. All this without going anywhere near the Mail app – but don’t worry, iPhoto can access all of your addresses, so sending is a doddle too. In this tutorial we’ll guide you through the process of creating your first iPhoto email.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step-by-Step

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 1

Step 1: Pick a pic or two

Select a batch of photos (note, the more you pick the bigger the attachment size). When you’re finished, head down to the Share menu.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 2

Step 2: Too obvious?

Click Share and you will see the Email option right above Photo Stream. Click on this to be taken to a special area where you can create the ultimate email.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 3

Step 3: New interface

The new interface has some of the same elements as a regular email with an address, subject line and a From option. Select your chosen recipients.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 4

Step 4: Template surfing

On the right you can select from any of the ten templates. Each has its own style. We are opting for the stunning Collage option.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 5

Step 5: Fill the blanks

Click into the text boxes at the top of the email to edit text. You can also, thanks to widget-like floating menus, adjust the font type, size and colour.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 6

Step 6: Photo adjustments

You can adjust each image. Once selected, another handy floating widget lets you adjust the zoom, so you can put the main focus in full view.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 7

Step 7: Not a drag

With your picture suitably enlarged you can now drag it around until the perfect elements are in the centre of each picture. Now it’s easy on the eye.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 8

Step 8: To attach or not

By default your images are also attached separately. This make the file’s size quite large so you can opt to just send the collage image. It will arrive as a PDF.

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Step 9

Step 9: Size it up

If you do decide to keep the photos attached you can alter the size here so that they don’t clog up your friends and families mailboxes too much.

(Click on the image below to zoom in and view the annotations)

iPhoto Tutorial - Create collage emails - Annotated

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    • Crissa

      Hello, thanks for sharing. Is this feature only available on iPhoto 2011? I have iPhoto 2009 and there doesn’t seem to be the same collage function…Thanks for your help.

    • Victoria Goode

      I have been using this option to create collages for my sons blog for years. but just today I’m not receiving the emails. the message comes up saying x amount of photo sent but nothing is received. I’m using iPhotos 9.6.1 any suggestions how to fix this?

    • versalee

      I used to love the email collages I could make with photos in iPhoto, but I now have Yosemite, and Photos doesn’t appear to have a way to make such emails. Does anybody have a suggestion for me?