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Jun 7, 2011

Tutorial: Change the default home page in Safari

by Stephen Ashby

This may seem like a no-brainer but changing the default home page in Safari can shave valuable seconds from your surfing time, over the years this can really mount up…

Tutorial: Change the default home page in SafariTutorial: Change the default home page in SafariIf you’re anything like us, your go-to website for daily information or entertainment updates probably changes week to week – whether it’s your preferred news site, a social network or maybe a reliable sports results page. And yet we rarely change our default home screen to reflect these fads. The upshot is that we load Safari, wait for the home page to load and then immediately navigate elsewhere. However, with the help of one simple operation you could preserve a lot of time. Not only will this save you from having to navigate away, but also if your bookmarks are synced across MobileMe, any other Macs you own will be updated to reflect the changes. This time-saving operation is simple and easy to action. In fact, whenever a new website takes your fancy you can quickly make it your home page so it’s right there when you launch Safari.

Tutorial: Change the default home page in SafariTutorial: Change the default home page in Safari

1: Preferential Treatment
Load Safari and click on the Safari menu at the top of the page. Once the menu springs to life, navigate to Preferences and then click on it to bring up the Preference pane.

Tutorial: Change the default home page in Safari

2: Type it or click it
You can now enter the address of your new preferred home page, or if you are already on that page, simply click the ‘Set to Current’ page button and you’re done.

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    • Sam O. Kufde

      You explained clearly all steps above.

      I made my favorite website “” as default homepage of my Safari (current Version 5.1.1 (6534.51.22) more than a year ago. Just recently, it changed by itself to Google without any intentional interference of mine. No one else is using my MAC.

      I followed your description but “” sits stubbornly as default homepage. I tried to replace it by keying into the window my favorite site’s URL as well as by clicking the tab “Set to current page”, (when the website was open) both attempts to no avail. I have no parental control activated, which would prevent such changes. I have no clue what else I could do. Your help would be appreciated.