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Feb 16, 2013
by Freddie Harrison.
If you like video, why not put a video inside your video? Follow our simple, step-by-side guide to creating picture-in-picture clips using a few tools in iMovie.
Feb 10, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Chart your globe trotting with a globe, a dotted red line and a few clicks in your iMovie project
Jan 26, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Use one of iMovie’s time-saving templates to produce eye-catching movies in just a few minutes
Dec 18, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
YouTube releases a brand new iPhone to make recording, editing and uploading video even easier
Nov 24, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iMovie’s editing tools to create a slick, fast-moving action sequence to add drama to any film project
Oct 14, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Prepare your clip for YouTube uploading in Final Cut Pro X for Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Oct 8, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Use your photos to create an amazing movie on your iPad
Oct 6, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
When you shoot without using a tripod you can change your camera position more quickly to capture interesting events, but this freedom to move can lead to shaky-looking footage
Oct 4, 2012
by Freddie Harrison.
Learn how to import clips, add transitions and export your finished film in iMovie – Apple’s flagship video editor for Mac – with our step-by-step guide.
Sep 30, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Apply Markers to your Final Cut projects and never forget to make that vital edit
Sep 27, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Discover how to automatically assign keywords to clips so that you can find specific video content in the blink of an eye