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Jan 21, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
There’s much more you can do to your Instagram uploads than aimlessly sticking a filter over the top
Jan 19, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Turn mundane data into something special with the help of charts and graphs
Jan 18, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Use virtual guitar pedals in GarageBand to give your guitar a unique new sound
Jan 15, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Here’s how to use one of Logic’s significant new features – the Brush tool
Jan 13, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Make your presentations sparkle with these fantastic animations available in Keynote
Jan 12, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Take control over time by speeding up (or slowing down) particular parts of your video clips
Jan 11, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Make the vocals in your GarageBand songs pitch-perfect with the Auto Tuning tool
Jan 4, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Master essential mixing tricks for adding that final dash of audio polish to your tracks
Dec 28, 2015
by Jamie Frier.
Discover how to mute, solo, reorder, replace and change the sound of your kit pieces
Dec 25, 2015
by Jamie Frier.
Monitor the energy use of the apps you run and close those that drain the most power
Dec 24, 2015
by Jamie Frier.
Move, scale and rotate your footage to smooth out unwanted camera shake