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Jun 16, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iMovie to create an impressive photo showcase of some of your memorable photography
Jun 14, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Retouch and improve old images using iPhoto’s editing tools
Apr 13, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Edit photo information for multiple images at once with the Batch Change function in iPhoto
Feb 16, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iOS 7’s built-in tools to make quick edits and change the look of images in minutes on your iPhone
Jul 13, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Breathe new life into your long-forgotten photos and prints with iPhoto’s simple repair tools
May 25, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Get rid of the clutter and make your Mac’s iPhoto Library easier to stay on top of
May 19, 2013
by Freddie Harrison.
Follow this tutorial and find out how to use iPhoto to show off your favourite holiday moments like never before with our guide to creating an action slideshow.
May 18, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Use one of iPhoto’s secret features to create an eye-catching gallery for your website
May 11, 2013
by Freddie Harrison.
Follow this Aperture guide and learn nine keyboard shortcuts (and find out how to make your own) to really give your photo-editing workflow the ultimate boost.
May 9, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Product photographer Peter Belanger speaks about his creation process, his expensive kit, and how he landed contracts with Apple in a new interview
May 6, 2013
by Stephen Ashby.
Give your photo-editing workflow the ultimate boost by learning these useful keyboard shortcuts for Aperture