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Jul 25, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Air brush blemishes and paint on life-like makeup with this likeable photo-editing app – FaceFilter 3 for Mac
Jul 16, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Organise your Contacts app so all the important people are easy to reach
Jul 15, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use Find My Mac to keep track of your Mac just in case it is lost or stolen
Jul 13, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Get access to your favourite features by creating the perfect editing interface
Jul 11, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
The Twelvesouth HoverBar helps you turn your iPad Air into an adjustable wingman for your Mac and use it as a second display
Jul 2, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Master the functions in Numbers and create complex spreadsheets in seconds
Jul 1, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Bring all of your favourite web development tools together under one beautifully clean roof
Jun 26, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Issue 135 of iCreate is now available in all good shops, from the Imagine Shop and downloadable on Newsstand, but get a first look inside
Jun 22, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
F1 2013: Classic Edition for Mac gets a brilliant visual update and a vintage tinge to thrill hardcore fans
Jun 18, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Control Keynote presentations with your iPhone or iPad using the app’s built in Remote function
Jun 15, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
The Tomb Raider series gets a brilliant reboot, breathing fresh life into Lara Croft’s adventures on Mac