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Nov 28, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Animate your slides easily with the Magic Move tool in Keynote for iOS
Oct 31, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use the Styles control in Microsoft Word for iPad to personalise text in your documents
Oct 29, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Get your guitar groove on whenever you like in GarageBand for iOS and make your iPad into a guitar amp with pedals and effects
Oct 13, 2014
by iCreate Team.
Our friends at Sainsbury’s have put together a phone buying guide for smartphone newbies. Here’s the first part on the all-important operating system
Oct 2, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Will a new interface allow you to control your Apple TV with any Apple device you own?
Sep 5, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Make your photos look amazing with iPhoto’s advanced editing tools
Sep 4, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Not everyone should be able to see that embarrassing photo of you from a few years back…
Sep 2, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Use iTunes on your Mac to add clips and share your videos from iMovie
Aug 29, 2014
by Dan Collins.
It is easy to eat away at your 5GB of free iCloud storage, so make the most of it with some careful management
Aug 28, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Access your presentations from anywhere with Dropbox on iOS
Aug 27, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Enable multiple people to keep in touch with what you’re up to by using Shared Calendars