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Jan 5, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Give your iMovie titles a truly personalise touch with this OS X tutorial
Dec 5, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Want to take your projects to the next level? Here’s how to add iMovie’s finest effects on your iPhone or iPad
Nov 17, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Make a locked-off shot look more interesting by adding classic camera moves in iMovie on Mac
Sep 8, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iMovie’s transitions and effects to differentiate between daydreams and daytimes on your Mac
Sep 2, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Hide distracting jump cuts and add extra information by inserting cutaway clips into your iMovie video tutorials
Sep 2, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Use iTunes on your Mac to add clips and share your videos from iMovie
Aug 29, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Take control over the speed and duration of your iMovie video transitions and perfect their timings
Jul 14, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Create seamless action sequences by cutting on the move with the Precision Editor in iMovie
Jul 13, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Get access to your favourite features by creating the perfect editing interface
Jun 30, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
How to edit movies and videos in iMovie for iPad and iPhone with multi-touch controls and gestures
Jun 16, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iMovie to create an impressive photo showcase of some of your memorable photography