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Feb 25, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Generate an organic percussion track featuring an original twist
Feb 11, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Build your own template with the best of GarageBand’s vocal effects
Jan 18, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Use virtual guitar pedals in GarageBand to give your guitar a unique new sound
Jan 7, 2016
by Jon White.
Find out how big things are possible within the tiniest of packages with the new iPad mini The Complete Manual
Jan 4, 2016
by Jamie Frier.
Master essential mixing tricks for adding that final dash of audio polish to your tracks
Sep 15, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
How to filter out or encourage feedback and noise when recording
Aug 19, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Change the mood and add drama to compositions by switching key within projects
Aug 5, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Produce more organic percussion via the roster of virtual stick twirlers in GarageBand
May 14, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Bolster your options by downloading and customising extra sample libraries from the internet
Apr 15, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Two new digital specials have arrived from the iCreate team
Mar 25, 2015
by Oliver Hill.
Make a short radio show and then share it with the world on your iPad