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Oct 14, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Prepare your clip for YouTube uploading in Final Cut Pro X for Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Oct 11, 2012
by Freddie Harrison.
With iPhoto for iPad, making straightforward adjustments to your images and photos has never been simpler or as intuitive. Follow our guide to find out how.
Oct 6, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
When you shoot without using a tripod you can change your camera position more quickly to capture interesting events, but this freedom to move can lead to shaky-looking footage
Sep 30, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Apply Markers to your Final Cut projects and never forget to make that vital edit
Sep 28, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
If your timing isn’t what it should be, never fear, you can edit every note you play in Garaband
Sep 27, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Discover how to automatically assign keywords to clips so that you can find specific video content in the blink of an eye
Sep 17, 2012
by Freddie Harrison.
Learn how to use iMovie’s brilliant audio editing tools and get great sounding audio on all your projects
Sep 6, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Get tighter tracks and solve wayward timing issues thanks to this GarageBand shortcut
Sep 5, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Make selective edits to your favourite images with the incredibly useful brush tools in Aperture
Aug 31, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Radically improve your project’s production values by ironing out shakes and wobbles caused by hand-held camera moves
Aug 28, 2012
by Stephen Ashby.
Prepare your Final Cut Pro X project for YouTube with the best settings and options