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Jul 20, 2016
by Philip Morris.
Give your photos a stylistic, retro look with the Grain control in Photos for Mac
Dec 8, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Make your photos look phenomenal with your iPad’s advanced image formatting tools in Pages
Dec 5, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Want to take your projects to the next level? Here’s how to add iMovie’s finest effects on your iPhone or iPad
Nov 17, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Make a locked-off shot look more interesting by adding classic camera moves in iMovie on Mac
Nov 3, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Make the most of your special photos by creating a personalised collage on your Mac with Picture Collage Maker 3
Sep 8, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use iMovie’s transitions and effects to differentiate between daydreams and daytimes on your Mac
Sep 2, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Hide distracting jump cuts and add extra information by inserting cutaway clips into your iMovie video tutorials
Aug 29, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Take control over the speed and duration of your iMovie video transitions and perfect their timings
Aug 26, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Use Preview’s editing tools to fix photo blemishes, merge shots and more on your Mac
Aug 22, 2014
by Dan Collins.
Discover our favourite tricks for supercharging the way you use iPhoto
Jul 25, 2014
by Stephen Ashby.
Air brush blemishes and paint on life-like makeup with this likeable photo-editing app – FaceFilter 3 for Mac