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Jul 11, 2014

Twelvesouth HoverBar Review – extend your Mac with an iPad

by Stephen Ashby

The Twelvesouth HoverBar helps you turn your iPad Air into an adjustable wingman for your Mac and use it as a second display

Twelvesouth HoverBar Review - extend your Mac with an iPad

UPDATED: New model is also compatible with the iPad Air & iPad mini

Price: £69.99/$79.99

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Key features: • Fully adjustable arm • Mounting clamp for attachment with Mac or desk • Compatible with the iPad Air, iPad mini and older iPad models

Twelvesouth HoverBar Review - extend your Mac with an iPadAdjustable in every sense of the word, the HoverBar does a fantastic job of bringing together your desktop computer and iPad with just a few minutes of installation.

The key components of this accessory are the arm itself, which is heavy duty yet completely flexible, and the mounting clamp that easily attaches to your desktop, yet leaves no lasting marks thanks to its cushioned interior. The actual cradle for your device is very minimal, with just a small clip at the top and two small cradles in the bottom corners, which all gives the impression that your iPad is actually floating next to your Mac.

The HoverBar arm actually comes with two attachment points at the clamp end, at both a straight and 90-degree angle, so you could also attach it to your desk and have it next to you.

This level of flexibility is all the more impressive given the robust feel of the HoverBar. The clamp itself is steel and the whole device has some real weight to it, yet you can manoeuvre it with ease. The cradle for your iPad operates on a ball joint for maximum freedom.

Buy now?

Pros Flexible, well designed and makes your workstation look slick and stylish

Cons The heavy-duty nature of the clamp might put some people off

Verdict:Twelvesouth HoverBar Review - extend your Mac with an iPad

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