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Jul 22, 2009

App Review – Paper Toss

by Dan Collins

Developer: Backflip Studios

PAperToss1Developer: Backflip Studios
Category: Games
Price: Free

The best games aren’t the ones with the most advanced 3D graphics or the ones that have the best frame rates. They are the ones that make you scream with frustration and force you to play them over and over again in order to beat your last score. Paper Toss is one of those games. The idea is simple; use a flick of your finger to send a balled up bit of paper flying towards a bin. The idea is to land the ball of paper in the bin, a pretty simple goal, apart from the fan that is blowing across your flight-path. So, you have to judge the wind-speed and your aim accordingly. Then just get as many balls in the bin as possible. It’s great fun, very addictive and very frustrating. You can’t really fault Paper Toss but it would be nice to have some other obstacles and some different levels of difficulty. That said this is a free app so we can’t expect too much. Great fun all round.

Longevity: 5.5

Fun factor: 9.0

Practicality: 4.5

Value: 8.8

Kung Fu Verdict: 7.8

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