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Apr 2, 2014

Wallpaper Wednesday: The thinnest iMac ever

by Stephen Ashby

Grab today’s iCreate wallpaper for your Mac – a beautiful shot of Apple’s thinnest ever iMac

This week’s wallpaper is a stunning shot of Apple’s thinnest ever iMac. We got hold of the latest model shortly before it was released and spent an entire day with it in the photography studio taking shots of it from every angle. It’s an amazing machine, and this image shows off just how good it can look.

Oh, and don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about the Mac icon project. We’ve been so busy creating the magazine for the last few weeks that I haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to the project. I’m not happy releasing rushed icons that aren’t up to scratch, but I will be picking the project up again soon and you can expect regular updates from then.

For now, enjoy the wallpaper:

27-inch iMac

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    • Mini Apple Genius

      Ha! I was just about to ask about the Mac icon project! I thought maybe you could do Vox (the music player), considering that the interface looks a lot like iOS 7 (the icon? Meh.)