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Nov 27, 2012

Use your iPad as a second Mac monitor for free

by Freddie Harrison

Find out how to turn your iPad into a second display at no cost with Avatron’s Air Display app

Air Display - Main

Avatron’s popular Air Display – an iOS app that lets you use your iPad as secondary display for your Mac – is now free. The only catch? It’s ad supported. Previously, Air Display would’ve set you back £6.99/$9.99 – not bad if you’re sure of exactly how you’d use that extra screen real estate, but if you’re just looking to experiment by extending your measly MacBook Air’s 11-inch display, then it might’ve been a little too on the expensive size to warrant a purchase.

Fortunately, for the curious out there, Air Display Free is now on the App Store. As Avatron themselves say, the app is exactly the same as the paid version of Air Display, except it features ads that’ll pop up every few minutes and eventually remain persistent in the bottom of your screen. Removing the ads is as simple as shelling out for the full app.

Air Display is well worth checking out if you’ve ever found your Mac’s display to be a little on the small side. It’s pretty responsive and the touchscreen features of the iPad are fully utilised – allowing you to drag and tap to control OS X on your second screen.

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