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Mar 12, 2013

Two new iPhone 5 ads show off the best of the App Store

by Stephen Ashby

‘Brilliant’ and ‘Discover’ offer a glimpse of Apple’s favourite apps for the larger iPhone 5 screen

Apple has expanded its latest iPad mini ad campaign with two new iPhone ads, entitled ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Discover’. The ads use the same format as the latest iPad mini campaign, offering a look at some of the best apps available for the iPhone 5 in quickfire bursts. Check out the videos below, and go even further to check out the apps that are featured.

The apps shown in the first video are, in order, Gojee, Cards, Mike V: Skateboard Party, an unknown app that seems to do timelapse photography, Starbucks‘ Passbook-enabled app, Numbers, a remote-control app for a helicopter, iBooks, Rubik’s Cube, MyScript Calculator and Philips Hue. The second video showcases GarageBand, The Elements for iPhone 4, Houzz Interior Design Ideas, Apple Maps, Infinity Blade 2, an unknown shopping app used for buying a tux, iPhoto, Cleartune, Solar Walk, Scholastic First Discovery: Dinosaurs, Yelp, and Shazam. If you know what the missing apps are, let us know in the comments below!

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    • jhon addy

      that was awesome but please let us know that timelapse photogophy thing !