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Dec 20, 2012

Tumblr releases its long-awaited iPad app on the App Store

by Freddie Harrison

The latest update to Tumblr’s iOS app sees it go universal, with full iPhone and iPad support. It’s in the App Store and available to download right now…

Tumblr iPad app - Main

Tumblr, a blogging service focused on mixed media, has released its long-awaited iPad app. Following a slew of updates that’s seen its iPhone app go fully native and tablet sizes supported on Android, Tumblr’s iOS app is now universal, with an interface that adapts perfectly to the iPhone, iPad mini and iPad.

The new iPad interface is largely taken up by posts in Tumblr’s dashboard, with a sidebar giving you access to account information, notifications, tags and more. It’s also home to the new post button, which brings up a number of post options including text, photos, videos and more. There’s also a new posting interface that appears much in the same way that Apple’s Share Sheets do, except a lot larger.

Tumblr’s other app, Photoset, allows you to upload a number of photos and present them in a gallery format along with their own web link. Photoset uploads can also be shared to Twitter and Facebook, making it an ideal candidate if you’re thinking of switching away from Instagram.

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