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Apr 19, 2010

The New iPhone 4G “Found” In Bar, Apple Employee Yet To Be Found Beaten

by iCreate Team

If we’re going to run with the original story and not suggest more covert market research from Apple, the next generation of iPhone has been found in a US bar…

iPhone 4GIf we’re going to run with the original story and not suggest more covert market research from Apple (more below), the next generation of iPhone has been found in a US bar.

As with any such leak these days the phone has found its way to the web via the team at Gizmodo who have pulled it apart and are confirming it as genuine. The device itself has quite a few differences in terms of design, however the phone was apparently remotely wiped before any of the software could be used.
Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Physical changes include the following:

– Front facing camera

– Larger rear camera lens and flash

– Micro-SIM

– Higher resolution display

– New buttons

– New flat design with glass/ceramic back

– Aluminium border akin to iMac design

So is this the new iPhone as it will ship or a pre-production prototype? Gizmodo seems to think this looks like the finished product in its full report.

While we’re convinced that this is a genuine Apple product, it seems incredible that a security slip up of this magnitude could have been allowed to happen, especially from a company as secretive as Apple.

Apple has been known to “leak” information to the press in order to gauge public opinion on forthcoming products and even to create a smoke screen to confuse rivals, but the company has never allowed a product into the wild like this. That said, the hype surrounding HTC’s upcoming smartphone, the “HTC Incredible”, has been building of late with positive reviews and pre-orders announced.

With the huge press generated by this “find”, it’s safe to say most conversations regarding smartphones are now firmly focussed on the iPhone again…

What do you think? Is this the real iPhone 4G? Could Apple have leaked the device on purpose? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @icreatemagazine

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    • Surely if you’ve found something like this you should hand it in to the authorities so the rightful owner can claim it? If you don’t hand it in surely this is as bad as stealing it?

      Just a thought.

    • Chris

      I think it’s real as it certainly looks real, I just wish I could use one for 5 mins and get some inside information. Now all we need is iChat (if it doesn’t already come with it)!

    • Nice new spin on PR’n the new iPhone from Apple. I think it’s all of Apple’s plan. Anyone want to take a shot at what Steve Jobs might say?

    • Ben Harvell

      I doubt he’ll say anything. Just stroke his cat and push the button to open the piranha trapdoor…

    • Oekz989

      It think that if its genuine it looks great, the new direction apple has taken with it defiantly works. the ipod/ iphone really needs a shake up in design because its getting boring and old. I really like the new square-ish look. just hope this is legit

    • Olivia

      @Ben Harvell (author) that was a good comment, funny too! Ok so this one guy found the iphone at the bar, at least thats what I heard and saw on the news. He showed the iphone on youtube heres the link
      ——> In the news it said apple wants to do something about the fact that the iphone was found by this guy and he didnt do anything to return it he just leaked it. I like the new design of the iphone but I think it sort of looks like all the other phones, like a brick :(. I am a big apple fan, but a dont agree with the design too much 🙁 sorry guys

    • mills

      I hope that’s not it…

      Hate the new design… Love the sleekness of the rounded design that looks like an antiquated black berry… Boo

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