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Feb 6, 2013

Radio buttons in iOS 6.1 hint at Apple-run streaming service

by Stephen Ashby

Do these new radio buttons suggest extra buying functionality from within the Music app?

Radio buttons in iOS 6.1 hint at Apple-run streaming service

After jailbreaking an iPad and poking around in the file systems, 9to5Mac has come across a button that has previously not been seen in iOS. The ‘Radio Buy’ button, first discovered by iAust1n, is currently sitting dormant in the Music app on the iPad, and while it currently doesn’t have any function, it’s been speculated that the buttons could suggest Apple is preparing the app for a streaming service.

Such a service has been rumoured for some time, but it still may be some distance away as the icon isn’t included in the iPhone version of iOs 6.1. Interestingly, the button’s name is labelled with ‘buy’ in the filename, suggesting that in future users may be able to actually buy tracks, or have the ability to add them to their cloud collection, from within the Music app itself. This is likely a move by Apple to prepare the groundwork well ahead of any launch, but it’s still interesting that new functionality will be making its way to the iPad, in one form or another, in the next few months.

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