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Feb 18, 2014

New Apple-mocking Huawei ad is hilariously bad

by Stephen Ashby

Huawei become the latest company to attempt to advertise off the back of Apple and Samsung’s success, with hilariously bad results

mainThere have been some pretty bad adverts in the last few years. Companies making fun of the people they’re trying to sell to? Sure. Hipsters being saved from weird Apple metaphors by dancing ninjas? You betcha. But now Huawei have had a go, and the result is just terrible.

The ad aims to promote the company’s presence at the Mobile World Congress next week, putting a plain white phone (definitely not an iPhone) front and centre and getting the owner to use a voice-recognition assistant (definitely not Siri). The owner asks what’s new, and the response is… less amazing than the ad makes out. Watch it here:

Aside from the awkward and unnatural tone of the whole thing, we can’t help but think that the products Huawei are peddling don’t actually sound that incredible. A tablet with LTE? Not exactly new. A smartphone with a great front-facing camera? Plenty have that alraedy.

But it’s the pun at the end that really tops off the whole thing. Subtlety clearly isn’t in Huawei’s vocabulary.

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