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Feb 8, 2013

More iPad 5 mock-ups revealed

by Stephen Ashby

New mock-ups show the rumoured iPad 5 in comparison to the iPad 4, iPad mini and iPhone 5

More iPad 5 mock-ups revealed

MacRumors has more mock-ups of the iPad 5, with a smaller, iPad mini-like design and the same 9.7-inch screen. The pictures were created for them by Ciccarese Design, and are based on supposedly leaked images of the iPad 5 enclosure. A similar leak last year resulted in several mock-ups accurately predicting the final design of the iPhone 5 ahead of launch, so these images could be a good indication of what the next iPad could look like, as well as giving us an idea of the size of the next iPad compared to other devices. Let us know what you think of the mock-ups in the comments below!

More iPad 5 mock-ups revealed
The iPad 5 on top of the iPad 4 shows that it is both thinner and shorter
More iPad 5 mock-ups revealed
The screen looks smaller on the iPad 5, but in reality it is the same size as the iPad 4 on the left. iPad mini also included for comparison
More iPad 5 mock-ups revealed
This year's iOS line-up: the iPad 5, the iPad mini and the iPhone 5
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