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Nov 12, 2013

iPad mini with Retina display available to order online now

by Stephen Ashby

Head over to the Apple online store right now and order your iPad mini with Retina display, before they sell out


The iPad mini with Retina display is now available to order from Apple’s online store, with an estimated shipping date of 1-3 days on the 16GB and 32GB models. The two larger models, 64GB and 128GB, both have estimated shipping times of 5-10 days. Apple announced the new mini alongside the iPad Air at a special event last month, giving a release date of ‘November’, and Apple has now made the new tablet available on the store with no fanfare.


There have recently been reports of supply chain issues that may limit the number of available units, which may explain the quiet launch today, so it’s worth getting your order in early if you want your iPad mini in the next few days.

The mini with Retina display starts with a 16GB model for £319/$399. Apple are also still selling a 16GB non-Retina iPad mini for a discounted price of £249/$299, for those wanting to save a little money.

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