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Aug 27, 2009 2.0

by iCreate Team

Noticed a few changes around here? Welcome to the all-new

New SiteNoticed a few changes around here? Welcome to the all-new

Our web team has worked tirelessly to bring you an online reflection of the magazine we create each month and, by jove, they’ve done it! Not only are things a lot cleaner, brighter and generally easier on the eye but the content and capabilities of the site have also been enhanced to bring you a far richer experience.

Whether you’re after information on the latest issue, hunting for the best Mac news or want to check out one of our podcasts you’ll find everything you need on our homepage and, as before, you’re free to comment on anything you please. Let us know what you think of our posts and make your voice heard.

With such a fresh new site we thought it rude not to offer you some fresh new content as well, so make sure you check out our Tutorials & Tips section. Here you’ll find iCreate tutorials specially formatted for the web and ready for you to follow online, in print or on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Our reviews have been given their own section on the homepage too so if you’re in a rush to discover where to spend your money next you can easily read our views on the latest Apple and third-party kit within a couple of clicks. If you’re a fan of Twitter, we’ve even made room for some of our tweets so you can keep up with all the goings on at iCreate HQ.

While we’ve overdosed on coffee and Red Bull to ensure the site is perfect for our visitors, there are always a few teething troubles (or perhaps this will be the first flawless website launch!?) so if you spot anything amiss or even anything you would like to see, feel free to drop us a line at the usual address or post a comment.

So welcome to our new online home. Come on in and have a look around…

Best wishes,

Ben Harvell, Editor

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    • John

      I love the new site and especially enjoy the enhanced mobile version. Good job!

    • Steven

      Even though I live in France & read French version I love this site! Especially the mobile version.

    • Ben Harvell

      Awww. Merci! 🙂

    • John D Sander

      The Mag, the website yuk!!!
      I wish I’d looked closer at the contents. I don’t have an iPod, tooooo much about that thing in here. The disk sucked tooooo. If I had paid $5 for this thing it would have been way toooo much. I will stay clear of this thing…

    • Ben Harvell

      Hi John,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll get to work on some of the finer points you’ve raised. Is there anything you liked about the site or magazine? 🙂