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Jan 20, 2011

iCreateLive Now on iTunes

by Stephen Ashby

Our video podcast hit iTunes, so download, subscribe, and let us know what you think!

Hey guys, just a quick post to let you know that the iCreateLive video podcasts will now be available on iTunes. It’s our weekly video in which we discuss the latest news and rumours surrounding Apple and their products. Click below to check them out, and if you want to subscribe we’d really appreciate it. We’ll be adding a new video every weekend so we’ll be working hard to keep up to date.

Link to iCreateLive on iTunes

If you want to contact us you can comment on a post here or tweet us @iCreatemagazine. If you want to get hold of me or Jimmy, you can do that as well, we’re @Stephen_iCreate and @jimmyhayes respectively. Let us know what you think of the videos and you might well get into the magazine!

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    • Bob

      Great but you must do something about the sound. Talking with your head in a tin bucket is not always a good idea! Can i suggest looking at a back issue of “iCeate” and read the article on sound recording. I have all the iCreate Mags right from issue one and find they are invaluable to me. I’m off to the good old US of A on the 1st of March so who knows i might be in luck for a few goodies. Keep up the good work and keep practicing your sound recording techniques.

    • Stephen Ashby

      Hi Bob, thanks for getting in touch and glad you’re enjoying the video podcasts. We’re aware of the sound problems and you’ll be pleased to hear that it should be solved soon. The reason for our absence from the podcast airwaves is due to us getting hold of some lapel mics which will really improve the sound quality. Once we’ve got them up and running (next week if all goes to plan) we’ll be back with high quality sound and some excellent discussion.

    • Kathryn A.

      These are great but you really should have it listed somewhere on your podcast site about the SIZE of these files!! I am running out of space on my HD and I was a little bit surprised when I looked at the list of podcasts that were in the process of downloading and saw that one of them was over 200MB!! I know that seems small these days but when you are running short of space, it can be a lot!!

    • Hubert Taylor

      I have been a subscriber to the magazine for years now and have read and implemented some of your great articles. I have also downloaded and enjoyed all of your podcasts from the 1st one and got through them all in less than a week, playing them in the car, on my iPhone and anywhere else during my free time. Keep up the good work guys.

    • Stephen Ashby

      Hi Hubert! Thanks so much for your feedback – we love it when we hear from readers, especially when they enjoy what we do. We’re having a short break from podcasts at the moment, but we really want to go back to them and should get them back on track in the next few weeks. Thanks for your lovely comment!