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Dec 13, 2012

Google Maps for iPhone launched with Navigation, Street View

by Stephen Ashby

Google Maps is available now for iPhone, with turn-by-turn Navigation, Street View and a brand-new interface that’s ‘better than Google Maps for Android’

Google Maps for iPhone launched with Navigation, Street View

Google’s Maps app for iPhone has finally launched on the App Store for iPhone. The free app can be downloaded now, and features turn-by-turn navigation, Street View, rotatable maps, landscape mode and public transport directions. It works brilliantly, and the new features of the app, which were missing when it was a built-in app with iOS, make it a must-have app for your device.

Google Maps for iPhone launched with Navigation, Street View

The release lays the gauntlet down for Apple’s own mapping solution, which has received huge amounts of criticism in the few months since its launch. Apple Maps will still be integrated across iOS for apps that need mapping options, but having Google Maps on your home screen is reassuring if you live in an area which isn’t well-covered by Apple Maps.

David Pogue from the New York Times spoke to Google as part of his review of the app. He revealed that the company believes the iPhone version of the Maps app is better than the Android version of the app:

“Google admits that it’s even better than Google Maps for Android phones, which has accommodated its evolving feature set mainly by piling on menus.”

However, the iOS version of the app still lacks offline mode, and currently doesn’t have iPad support, but with these features reportedly coming soon, we can expect regular improvements.

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