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Dec 19, 2012

GarageBand for iPad has competition in the form of Cubasis

by Freddie Harrison

Cubase – the staple Mac app for recording studios worldwide – comes to the iPad under the Cubasis moniker

Cubasis - Main

Studio stalwarts Steinberg has released an iPad version of its popular Mac app, Cubase. Cubasis, which is available on the App Store now, is iPad only and will set you back a hefty £34.99/$49.99. The asking price is pretty justified, though, with Cubasis’ interface looking almost exactly the same as Steinberg’s Mac app which has become the staple of many a recording studio.

The app itself offers an unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, over 70 virtual instruments and more than 300 audio and MIDI loops, if you’re without a microphone or don’t have an instrument to hand. What’s more, projects saved in Cubasis on your iPad can be opened in Cubase on your Mac once they’re imported via iTunes – no iCloud syncing here just yet, although Apple is bound to be thankful as project files at CD quality could end up being pretty big.

In case you weren’t already convinced, the app is also compatible with Focusrite’s iTrack Solo audio interface and the iRig series from IK Multimedia, meaning you’ll have no problems hooking up instruments or mics and recording your hit song.

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