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Jan 7, 2013

Fusion Drive now available for low-end iMacs

by Stephen Ashby

If you want one of Apple’s high-speed Fusion Drives, you can now upgrade a low-end iMac with the new technology

Fusion Drive now available for low-end iMacsApple has just started offering their new Fusion Drives as an option for the lowest-end model of the new iMac. When the new desktop machines launched in November of last year, the Fusion Drive was only available as an addition option in the £1,249/$1,499 model. Users that wanted to add the high-speed drive to their customised setup had to pay for the more expensive model, then add on the £200/$250 required to upgrade to a Fusion Drive.

Now, though, Apple has gone back on that decision, and is offering the Fusion Drive as an upgrade option for the lowest-end machine. While the decision to include it only in the higher-end machine was likely an attempt to push up sales of the high-end 21.5-inch model, there are several reason why Apple might have reversed its decision; the Fusion Drive may have been selling so well that they wanted more options, but it’s also possible that the price of the high-end iMac combined with the upgrade cost of the Fusion Drive was pushing customers away. Either way, the extra choice is good news for customers who want to experience the stunning speed of the Fusion Drive – check out the latest issue of iCreate for our tests with the new technology.

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