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May 16, 2011

Feature: The Chancellor’s Gold for iPhone

by Stephen Ashby

Get involved in some treasure-hunting action around London, and maybe even win a prize…

Feature: The Chancellor's Gold for iPhoneI think it’s universally accepted that everyone enjoys a good treasure hunt. As a child they were a staple of birthday parties and Easter celebrations, and now you can get all the excitement of a treasure hunt from your iPhone with a new app. The Chancellor’s Gold promises four months of prize-finding fun with each month providing a different set of clues to help you track down the next big prize.

Feature: The Chancellor's Gold for iPhoneYou are provided with photographic clues to a certain location in London (narrowed down by developer Interactive Places Ltd to a certain area or theme) and then asked to discover the answer to a riddle in that small area. When you’ve solved a clue, you’ll get a letter of the alphabet, and in the end you’ll have seven letters that will make up the answer to the final riddle.

The prizes on offer are one ounce Gold Britannia’s, each worth around £1,000/$1,600 each. The final prize, in August, is five of these, worth around £5,000 in total.

Feature: The Chancellor's Gold for iPhone

Whether you’re in it for the prize, or just want a day of fun around London, this is a great use of the iPhone, and well worth a try. If you’re not based in London, that’s not a problem. All you need is an internet connection and a keen eye for details; you can solve all the questions with a few good searches online.

You can download the app now from iTunes and give it a try for £1.19. If you enjoy it let us know!

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