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Jan 15, 2013

Apple’s cheaper iPhone could be made of plastic and cost $99

by Freddie Harrison

New reports on Apple’s low-cost iPhone suggest that it could feature a plastic chassis, possibly produced in the USA, to save money in the production process

iPhone 3GS - Main

With rumours surrounding Apple’s low-cost iPhone still very much up in the air, Digitimes has added more fuel to the fire with a new report that suggests the device’s chassis will be built entirely from plastic.

The report itself cites sources in, “the upstream supply chain” also suggests that plastic body will be built by a manufacturer in the US, aligning itself with recent talk that Apple is bringing more of its manufacturing back across the Atlantic.

Building the rumoured iPhone’s chassis from plastic would probably go some way to hitting the $99-149 price point suggested by Bloomberg earlier this week, but it’s by no means certain. The Digitimes report goes on to say that the chassis could feature a mixed, plastic and metal construction or a special design that allows the device’s internals to be seen.

It’s not completely impossible that Apple would revert back to the kind of design used with the iPhone 3GS, but a transparent metal and plastic iPhone that’ll set you back less than the cost of a Nexus 7? We’re not buying it, in every sense.

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