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Mar 5, 2013

Apple to debut iPhone 5S in August and new iPads in April?

by Freddie Harrison

The iPhone 5S will feature an improved camera, faster processor and is pencilled in for an August launch, says iMore

Apple to debut iPhone 5S in August and new iPads in April?

According to iMore’s Rene Ritchie, Apple is planning to announce the iPhone 5S in August and new iPads in April. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Ritchie, who has a good track record of accurately predicting product specs and release dates, suggests that the iPhone 5S will look similar to the current-generation iPhone, but feature better camera optics and a faster processor.

Ritchie isn’t so confident about seeing a Retina iPad mini this April, stating:

“Apple is not going to release iPads that costs more or don’t get as good battery life as the current models. So, if the next iPad mini does end up getting slated for April, it could be a spec bump, or have something other than Retina as a differentiator.”

According to previous leaks, it looks like the iPad will see the biggest change of them all in Apple’s 2013 iOS line-up, sporting a new case, similar to that of the current iPad mini.

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