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Sep 17, 2013

Apple posts new iPhone 5C ad ‘Plastic Perfected’ on YouTube

by Freddie Harrison

The first ad spot for the new iPhone 5C has appeared on Apple’s YouTube channel showing the device forming from colourful plastic to the sound of Sleigh Bells.

Apple - iPhone 5c ad - Main
Apple’s new advert features iPhone’s forming from coloured plastics

A new advert, showing off the iPhone 5c, has been posted to Apple’s YouTube channel.

The advert, which will undoubtedly appear as a TV spot in the near future, shows the device slowly forming from colourful plastic to the sound of Sleigh Bells’ Rill Rill.

The video itself clocks in at thirty-one seconds and is titled ‘Plastic Perfected’ features surprisingly little of the finished device. It’s certainly a whimsical look at the new device that’s marketed at perhaps a younger audience with its bright colours and plastic construction.

Apple’s most recent adverts have focussed more on the iPhone’s features such as the camera, music and FaceTime, but this one takes a different tact, opting to focus solely on the device’s colour and form factor.

Here’s the video in full:

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