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Jan 31, 2013

Apple job posting hints at future products built from plastic

by Freddie Harrison

A vacancy in Cupertino for a Manufacturing Design Engineer with experience in ‘Advanced Plastic Tooling and Process’ could mean future plastic products from Apple…

iPhone 3GS - Main

A new job posting on Apple’s website could hint at future products being made from plastic. The job listing itself, titled Manufacturing Design Engineer (MDE) – Advanced Plastic Tooling and Process, asks for someone to, “Identify, develop and launch new tooling and process capabilities in support of new Apple product developments.”

As you’d imagine, Apple isn’t just asking for someone with experience of plastics, but those who can focus on “non-traditional” processing techniques such as thermoforming, foam molding and blow molding.

Although Apple’s focus in recent years has been on producing products made from a combination of aluminium and glass, it’s worth noting that products like the iPhone 3GS and Apple TV are made using plastic. There’s also strong rumours of a cheaper iPhone that’ll include a plastic body doing the rounds, which could go hand-in-hand with this posting.

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