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Mar 7, 2012

Apple’s iPad Event – Liveblog – 7th March 2012

by Freddie Harrison, Jimmy Hayes and Stephen Ashby

iCreate reports live from inside Apple’s iPad event today, and we’ll be liveblogging the whole thing right here with updates, Tweets, photos and expert analysis.

Welcome to the iCreate liveblog for Apple’s iPad event. We’ll be reporting live from inside the auditorium itself with all the latest news about Apple’s big announcement today. Scroll down to view the liveblog, it should update automatically but if you’re not seeing frequent updates then please refresh your browser.

Apologies for the website crash, we’re up and running again but we’re going to put a hold on the liveblog briefly to save it from happening again. Make sure you follow @iCreateMagazine on Twitter for more live updates and check back tomorrow morning (GMT) for a full round-up of all of tonight’s news.


Under the hood, there’s an A5X chip with Quad-Core graphics. That’s pretty impressive, and pretty much in line with what we’ve been hearing on the grapevine. Either way, games are going to be super sweet from now on. But as our sub-in-the-know Phil Morris just pointed out, “That battery is going to take a hit!”


Mild correction: There’s definitely still a home button visible in the shots we’re seeing now.


According Stephen Ashby, the iPad 3 has 1 million more pixels than that big screen behind Phil Schiller.


2048 x 1536 is the display size, take note, devs…you now have 3.1m pixels to play with. Fun times.


That’s feature number one down, and we knew it was coming, but this lack of home button must be hinting at something big in terms of a killer feature. Haptic display, perhaps?


There’s a retina display…yawn, tell us something we don’t know…we’re kidding, this is awesome!


First image of the new iPad crops up, NO HOME BUTTON.


Don’t forget to head over to our twitter feed (@iCreateMagazine) for more info from Stephen Ashby, live from the London venue.


Cook is throwing a little dig Samsung’s way – Twitter is being displayed on a Galaxy Tab. Cook is describing how rubbish it looks. We wondered how long it’d be before they lashed back.


Apple do love making apps though (as the late Steve Jobs told us before he unveiled GarageBand for iPad) so they’ll certainly come out with something pretty damn impressive.


There’s a lot of chatter about uses for apps, our man on the ground Steve reckons there’s a new app on the horizon, but would could it be? Our money is on iPhoto for iPad. But what do we know, eh?


Wanna see that lovely Apple TV interface…here it is…


Apparently Apple sold more iPads in the last quarter than HP sold PCs, don’t quote us on that, mind. We’ve not yet had chance to verify the figures.


15.4m iPads were sold in the last quarter alone. Cool story, Cook.


Right, it’s iPad time already, Cook’s really blasting through this, hang on to your hats folks.


The Apple TV is still and you can pick it up as of next week. Cook’s legacy as the previous COO shines through with the lead times.


Apple TV gets that little bit more intelligent and now recommends stuff you might like based on what you’ve watched, a la Netflix. Still, it’s no Siri, is it?


The new interface is definitely a little more iOS-like in appearance, yet still strikingly different and appropriate for the size of the screen. That’s Apple at its best, right there.


Eddie is demo’ing the new Apple TV interface, looks pretty slick – photo stream is there, as are iTunes playlists. We’re edging closer to a nice TV set interface really, aren’t we?


Bring on the (Eddy) Cue ball.


Oh, and it’s full 1080p HD and there’s an Apple TV refresh to go with it, huzzah! There’s no real update to the form factor though, so don’t get too excited.


iTunes in the cloud now supports movies, thanks to designer Jon who pointed that one out to me. What a guy.


Siri is part of iOS 5.1 and it’s out today! Hang on, the GM hasn’t even been released to devs yet, has it?


Siri is coming to Japan…shame that not-so-clever personal assistant leaked the information itself a few weeks back. Either way, it’s kinda cool, right?


Cook says Siri is your best friend…unless you have a thick Scottish accent.


And now we’re talking about iOS….there were 315 million iOS devices sold in the last year. WOWAWEEWAH!


Every Apple announcement has an unnecessary video, this year it’s one of a somewhat empty Grand Central store, apparently.


Tim Cook is now showing off Apple’s retail stores. Usually we’d find this incredibly boring, but let’s be honest, the Amsterdam and Grand Central stores are absolutely GORGEOUS, aren’t they?


In fact, 172 million post-PC devices were sold last year alone. Remove your jaws from the floor please, friends.


Again, no huge surprises to hear cook say that post-pc devices make up 76% of Apple’s revenues. They’ve been dominating their product sales for a good few years now.


So the theme here is Post-PC, again, no surprises here. C’mon Cook, on to the good stuff!


Cook is up! Obviously…


Steve’s 3G has dropped on his phone and WiFi in the London location is a no-go. We’ll attempt to keep you updated over here.


Oh, and naturally Apple’s online stores from around the world are all down and being updated. Interestingly a new category, ‘Catologues’, appeared on the iOS App Store today. Not sure what this could mean for the iPad 3/HD/super-mega-ray-blaster-S, but we’re sure to find out in the next hour or so.


According to reports from the California event there’s a podium up on stage with what appears to be a few iPads. As ever though, these things are hard to see, but it’d make sense given that this is an iPad event, wouldn’t it?


There’s quite a colourful theme going on with this event, from the huge decal adorning the front of the Yerba Buena centre in California to the lime green media badges for journalists. Possibly a hint at this much-rumoured retina display? Who knows. Emeli Sande is currently playing out over the PA, presumably to keep everyone nice and chilled.


We’re front row and centre (well, two rows from the front) for Apple’s London announcement. Here’s the proof: Expect more images from Stephen and more analysis from us once things kick off.


Our man, Stephen Ashby, is in the building and making a mad dash to grab a good seat. He still had time to snap a picture of his fancy Apple lanyard, mind…


We’re currently discussing the possibility of haptic feedback being the iPad 3′s ‘killer feature’ – there’s pretty much a 50/50 split in the office, but what do you think? Let us know by Tweeting @iCreateMagazine, posting on our Facebook wall or commenting below.


We’ve got an hour to go until the event starts and our man, Stephen Ashby, has just arrived in London for the UK unveiling. Follow him over on iCreate’s Twitter account to get the latest as it happens. We’ll be keeping up here and adding extra information, images and opinion along the way.

Be sure to check out our iPad 3 rumours round-up and make sure you’re following @iCreateMagazine on Twitter  for updates live from the London streaming event. Feel free to get in touch with us as well, we’d love to hear your reaction to the event as it unfolds as well as your take on any of the rumours. You can leave a comment below, Tweet us, or post on our wall on Facebook.

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