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Dec 5, 2012

Anostyle adds colour your iPhone 5 or iPad mini

by Stephen Ashby

If you’ve ever wanted more colour on your iPad mini or iPhone 5, Anostyle can help you…

Anostyle adds colour your iPhone 5 or iPad mini

Have you ever looked at your plain old iPhone or iPad and wished you could add a little more personality to your device? Well, now you can. The people over at Anostyle have come up with a clever way of adding a splash of colour to your device, whether it’s an iPhone or iPad mini. Rather than simply painting your device, however, the company uses anodisation to coat the phone in a layer of coloured metal. The system is very much like the one Apple itself uses for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, but the results are much brighter.

Anostyle adds colour your iPhone 5 or iPad mini

Jonathan Geller from BGR is absolutely in love with his gold iPhone 5, but for those that want a little less bling you can get a range of colours to brighten up your life and match the other colourful iPods that you might own. It’s a costly procedure at $249, but the results are impressive, and Anostyle even says that a scratched iPhone can be coloured all over. Perhaps those suffering from scratching issues with the iPhone 5 will be more interested than most.

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