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Dec 17, 2012

Alfred V2 will help search your Mac with powerful workflows

by Freddie Harrison

Version 2 of Mac app launcher Alfred will include ‘workflows’, allowing you to trigger a different searches and notifications with just a few keystrokes.

Alfred - Workflows - Google searches

If you’re serious about being productive on your Mac, you’ll probably have already heard of Alfred – a powerful QuickLaunch app for OS X that allows you to do everything from find files to search Google in just a few quick keystrokes. In a blog post on Alfred’s website earlier on december, version 2 of Alfred was announced, along with the promise of some sneak previews over the coming weeks. This weekend saw the first of these previews, showing off a powerful new feature, Workflows.

Workflows in Alfred allow you trigger multiple searches at once, start automated processes, and feed the results back to you in a number of ways (including via Notification Center). What’s more, all of these can be created and edited in Alfred’s preferences. It’s a cool improvement on already much-loved app, although you may have to wait a little longer for it – there’s no set date for the release of Alfred V2, but Mega Supporters can test the beta.

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