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Aug 12, 2011

Ad: Learn to master Apple’s iPhone with a new digital Bookazine from Imagine Publishing

by Stephen Ashby

Imagine’s iPhone for Beginners bookazine goes digital

Ad: Learn to master Apple’s iPhone with a new digital Bookazine from Imagine PublishingIf you’ve jut got a new iPhone, and iCreate’s tutorials aren’t quite quenching your thirst for knowledge, you can now learn how to use you new device on the move thanks to the iPhone for Beginners eBook from Imagine Publishing. Available on Kindle (there’s an iOS Kindle app for this too!), this book will walk you through setting up your device and learning its core functionality. It will also walk you through all the best apps to download from each category of the App Store, as well as an extensive section dedicated to answering all your iPhone questions.

Editor in Chief Aaron Asadi commented: “iPhone for Beginners was a great bookazine, and it has now made a fantastic eBook. This will allow people to learn about their iPhone on the move, and to follow the tutorials at any time, anywhere. The guides will help people extend the functionality of their phone no end, and the extensive app section will provide great material to browse through when you’ve got some time to kill.”

Designed and written by experts as an accessible, friendly guide to world-beating software and devices, the For Beginners series will help give you the confidence to learn everything you need to know. Clear, easy-to-understand and comprehensive, For Beginners’ first class tutorials, features and reviews are created with you in mind, ready to give you the tools you need to get the most out of your new passion.

The iPhone for Beginners eBook is available for Kindle from priced £5.81.

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