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Jul 15, 2013

Our iOS 7-themed iTunes icon for Mac UPDATED

by Stephen Ashby

A new project to create a full suite of iOS 7-themed OS X icons begins with iTunes – download the icons yourself after the jump

Logo comparison
I was in a creative mood this morning, and after a little deliberation decided to start a new project – re-creating the standard set of OS X icons with an iOS 7-themed twist.
Here’s the first of the icons: iTunes.

Our iOS 7-themed iTunes icon for Mac UPDATED
It looks a little odd now, but as I add icons in the next few weeks things will change

My aim isn’t to simply recreate the square icons featured in iOS 7, but rather to bring the ideas they use and mix them with the design cues that OS X has been using for the last five years. Icons will maintain some key features, such as shaping, but bring in brighter gradients, simplified shapes and blocks of colour.

Stay tuned for more of these in the next few weeks – eventually, when there are enough, I’ll combine them all into one post so you can grab them all in one go. For now, you can download the icon below, and find out how to apply customised icons here.

Our iOS 7-themed iTunes icon for Mac UPDATED
To download the new icon, right-click it, choose to View Image or Open Image in New Tab, then save the image to your Mac.


Our iOS 7-themed iTunes icon for Mac UPDATED
You can still grab the old design here if you prefer it
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