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Jan 21, 2014

iOS 7 Mac icon project: VLC

by Stephen Ashby

VLC gets a make-over in the latest iOS 7-style icon in the project

VLC iOS 7 style Mac icon comparison

Honestly, I had every intention of starting the week with Pixelmator, but after the update to the VLC app for iOS 7, I couldn’t help myself from working on a new design based on the new icon. The results are the two icons below; one which mirrors the colours of the current Mac icon with a simplified design, and one which uses an identical colour scheme to that of the iPhone and iPad app.

iOS 7 style VLC icon in Mac Dock

The latter is actually better, I think, as it not only maintains the colours that the Mac icon is known for, but it also helps the icon stand out in the Dock. I’ve included the other anyway, so the choice is yours as to which you want to download.

Pixelmator is next, for sure, and there’s still a long list after that to work through. For now, grab LiteIcon to apply all the icons in the project easily, and take a look back over older posts containing my other designs.

iOS 7 style VLC icon 1024 high resolution

iOS 7 style VLC icon 1024 high resolution alternative

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    • Mini Apple Genius

      I have to wait for pixelmator?! (falls to his knees and sobs). I think I will get VLC just for this though :).

    • Mini Apple Genius

      What do you know? I did!

    • Tanvir

      Can you please make icons for Microsoft office, Please!!! I really do love your work!

    • Joel Lopez

      You don’t know how much time you have saved me finding so many of your amazing flat icons! I been up and down at your website looking at everything you have to offer! and I appreciate all the work you have put! especially that Adobe collection! saved me lots of goggle-ing time lol Thanks keep up the work!

    • Mini Apple Genius

      Yes, also the fact that his look the best.