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Aug 8, 2013

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash

by Stephen Ashby

As we close in on the full default Mountain Lion Dock, Trash gets a redesign with a brand-new iOS 7-themed icon

icon comparison
It’s taken me most of the day, but I’ve finally cracked the Trash icon.
The challenge here was that there was nothing to base the design upon, with no equivalent, and nothing even remotely similar in iOS 7. I was flying pretty blind, and so it took me a fairly long time to work out what I should do.

I’ve actually included a few of my unfinished designs below, too. None of them are right, as I tried to borrow various aspects of iOS 7′s design and almost force them into the icon. At one point I went way back in time to my youth and recreated the old OS 8 empty and full icons. While fun, they didn’t work with the iOS 7 theme.

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash

Ultimately I went with what appears to be a quite simple design. The background took a while to get right, and after hand-drawing and adding some rubbish to the Full Trash icon, I realised the grey colouring that I had applied across the entire icon was a little too dour. I turned back to iOS 7 and added a splash of colour to make the icon a little less depressing.

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash
I’m really happy with the final outcome, especially after so many missteps. It’s simple, follows Apple’s iOS 7 design language, and offers a little splash of colour, just like many of iOS 7′s other designs.

As ever, grab the other icons down here, and Candybar (which is essential for applying the Trash icon!). Tomorrow I’m going to try and tackle Calendar, which will be the last icon in the default Mountain Lion Dock.

App Store           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Reminders
App Store              iTunes              Messages               Safari             Reminders

Finder           Launchpad           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Notes           Photobooth
Finder               Launchpad                Mail                   Notes              Photo Booth

Contacts           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Mission Control           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           System Preferences
Contacts            Dashboard     Mission Control        FaceTime      System Preferences

Full Trash
You’ll need to download both of these icons and apply them in the relevant slots in Candybar

Empty Trash


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