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Nov 28, 2013

iOS 7 Mac icon project: QuickTime Player X

by Stephen Ashby

QuickTime Player becomes the first user-request to be made as part of the iOS 7 Mac icon project

iOS 7 quicktime icon comparison

So, I’ve started working on requests, and this one was high up the list because it’s one of the few system icons I haven’t actually designed yet – QuickTime Player. Obviously there was no equivalent for this app on iOS, but I ended up working on a couple of options that evolved over time.

I started with the iOS Remote app as a basis for the icon; the combination of simple shapes and a blue gradient looks great on the iPhone and iPad. I worked on it for a while, but as I recreated it and tweaked it slightly for the style I’ve been working on, I realised that it looked too similar to the App Store and Safari logos, and was really just lost in the Dock.

iOS 7 Quicktime icon in the Dock

I switched the colours around and the results are much better. The icon now stands out against the other apps, and looks bright and clear. I tried for a while to work the Q shape into the ring that surrounds the play icon in the centre, but it never quite looked right. Instead, I developed an alternative icon option which adds the Q into the centre of the icon. Grab them both and you can choose whichever you prefer.

Alternative iOS 7 quicktime icon in the Dock

Maps will probably be next, as the next system icon I haven’t yet worked on, but after that I’ll pick at random from the list.

iOS 7 Quicktime icon downloadAlternative iOS 7 QuickTime icon download

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    • Cranfield McFierson

      can you make one for calendar that uses the new iOS icon? please? if i knew how i totally would- i just never made an icon before, and something tells me that the calendar icon is more difficult than the normal one.

    • iCreate Magazine

      Sadly not. The Calendar icon’s date changes automatically, using a month and number that are in a set font at a set angle. Sadly this can’t be changed in OS X, and even if you apply a standard icon to Calendar, as soon as you open the app it changes to the standard OS X version.

      Check out this post ( for the icon I did make for Calendar, and some tips on how to apply it so it will update live.


    • Cranfield McFierson

      i see. thanks though. your other icons are dang cool. that like is 404ed by the way.

    • Zann

      Have you done icons for the Creative Suite? Like Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks, etc.? And Chrome, Firefox, Transmit please!

    • iCreate Magazine

      Ah, my fault for putting it in brackets. Should work now!

    • iCreate Magazine

      Not yet, they’re on the list of requests, as are Chrome and Firefox. I’ll add Transmit to it, too!


    • Zann

      Thanks Steve, can’t wait to see what you come up with. And please add VLC, DaisyDisk, ScreenFlow, Evernote, Parallels Desktop, VMware, the Microsoft Office suite, Dropbox to the list as well, and do a Finder icon which is just like a magnifying glass in a circle? Many thanks!

    • Wiz

      Can you do FileZilla and iMessage?

    • Zann