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Feb 19, 2014

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Mac Folders (part 2)

by Stephen Ashby

The latest post in the iOS 7 project finishes off the last of the folder icons – download inside!

icon comparisonI’ve spent the last week or so working on the rest of the folder icons for the Mac icon project. Admittedly, these are used less regularly than those I made last week, but they should fill out the rest of the spaces in the LiteIcon folders screen, so that if you ever do need their services they will fit in with your iOS 7-ified system nicely.

For the most part, I just simplified the existing icons to make them more like those in iOS 7, but in some cases I just completely reworked them. The Servers folder, for example, features the AirDrop iOS 7 icon, simply as it is more recognisable as an icon for wireless networking. Elsewhere, the Smart Folder icon has a purple tint and features a cog similar to that of System Preferences, while the Sites page uses the updated Safari icon as a base.

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Mac Folders (part 2)Grab all the folders below to fill out the final parts of the LiteIcon folders section. I’ll start work on 3rd party apps again this week so there should be more updates soon.


Click here to download

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    • Mehmet Tunç


      I really like what you do, your icons really do make my mac look nicer. But in the previous folder icons set you said the dropbox folder was included, I couldn’t find it so I made my own and with that a parallels applications folder. Anybody who needs it can get it here. And also keep doing what you do!

      P.S. (Are you planning on creating Microsoft office icons? I would love to see those icons created by you.)



    • Mehmet Tunç

      Me again,

      The pictures didn’t get shared on the site in the way as I wanted them to get so, again anybody who needs them can download them via these links:



      I hope you will like the icons,


    • Mini Apple Genius

      Wow! Thanks for the Parallels!

    • Mini Apple Genius

      Thanks for these! Now my folders are complete!

    • iCreate Magazine

      You’re right, Dropbox wasn’t in there. That’s really strange – as you can see form the image in the post I did make it, so I’m not sure why it wasn’t in the folder. I’ve added it now, and updated the links so you should now be able to grab the whole set properly. Apologies for that. And nice work on the Parallels folder – it’s looks great!


    • Louise

      Link is not working