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Oct 22, 2013

iOS 7 Mac icon project: iPhoto (again, but better)

by Stephen Ashby

iPhoto gets yet another redesign to match the new iOS 7 icon in the latest project update

icon comparison

I know what you’re thinking. “He’s already done an iPhoto icon! Why is he doing it again?” Well, if you’ve been following the news you’ll know that Apple is about to update its iLife apps on iOS, and the designs for the icons have been discovered online. I’ve worked on some new Mac icons using these leaks (like last week’s GarageBand icon) and they should replicate pretty closely the feel of the new icons, and today’s design is iPhoto.

My previous iPhoto design pulled together aspects of both the iPhone Camera and Photos apps, and while it worked quite well, it wasn’t quite what Apple would do with a standalone iPhoto icon. This one mimics the upcoming iOS icon very closely, with another bright iOS 7 gradient to complement the simple design.

iOS 7 Mac icon project: iPhoto (again, but better)

I’ve been working on an updated iMovie icon, too, so that will be appearing later this week, and then my mission turns to the iWork suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote), which have also had new icons for iOS 7.

Grab the icons below and check out this tutorial to find out how to apply them easily with Candybar.

iOS 7 Mac icon project: iPhoto (again, but better)

App Store           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Reminders           iOS 7 Mac icon project: iMovie
App Store              iTunes              Messages               Safari             Reminders              Trash

Finder           Launchpad           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Notes           Photobooth            Calendar
..Finder              Launchpad               Mail                   Notes              Photo Booth          Calendar

Contacts           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           Mission Control           iOS 7 Mac icon project: Trash           System Preferences           Preview
Contacts            Dashboard     Mission Control        FaceTime      System Preferences     Preview

Calculator           Time Machine           Game Center           iOS 7 Mac icon project: iPhoto           Garageband           iMovie

Calculator       Time Machine        Game Center          TextEdit           Garageband           iMovie

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    • Andrew Beattie

      can u do one for spaces

    • Eric C. Petrie

      I really want to say thank you for this. I was disappointed to see that Appel was breaking the continuity between Mac and iOS. Now, with these wonderfully done icons, my computer life has symmetry again. I’ve installed them all and i’m loving it. One note, i did have to use an app called Lite Icon for a lot of it because Candybar (which i’ve used for a few years) seems to be struggling with 10.9. Don’t know if it was just me or not. Any way, thanks again.

    • Jennie Betzelberger

      You should start doing system icons! These are beautiful!