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Oct 28, 2013

iOS 7 Mac icon project: iMovie (again)

by Stephen Ashby

iMovie is the last of the iLife icons to get its big iOS 7 update in our ongoing Mac icon project

imovieicon comparison

The final iLife icon to get its finished Mavericks redesign is iMovie. I did previously release a design for the app, but after Apple has updated both its iOS and Mac icon for the app, it’s only right that I do it again.


The big change, though, is the fact that Candybar no longer works in Mavericks, and with an update unlikely to be released any time soon, it looks like the rest of the icons changes will have to be done manually for the most part. If you can find an alternative app that can do the same job as Candybar, let us know, but for now manual seems to be the only way to go.

Grab the icon below, and let us know if you find an alternative to Candybar that will work in Mavericks!


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    • Honza Zachoval

      Hello, thanks for your amazing work! Could you please reupload Reminder icon again, cause the link is not working.

      Thank you!

    • Eric C. Petrie

      I found an app called LiteIcon. So far i’ve only used it on Trash but it worked like a champ. Seems like a simplified Candybar. I did the other icons manually but now i’ll go back and see if LiteIcon can do the trick.

    • iCreate Magazine

      Hey Honza,

      I’ll upload it again now, but you should be able to grab it directly from here:

      Sorry for the problem, not sure exactly why the download isn’t working to be honest.


    • iCreate Magazine

      Thanks Eric, I’ll give it a try as well as see how it fares. If it works nicely I’ll start recommending it in the upcoming posts!