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Dec 4, 2013

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Google Chrome

by Stephen Ashby

Google Chrome becomes the latest icon to get the redesign treatment as part of the iOS 7 Mac icon project

icon comparison

Today’s iOS 7 Mac icon project design is for Google Chrome. The icon was actually quite a strange one to create; the original Chrome icon in itself is very simple, and at first glance the icon looks pretty flat. I took a closer look, though, and there were some obvious changes to make.

First, I dropped the shadows that are present in the old design, and started brightening up the colours to a more iOS 7 style. The shape has remained the same, of course, as it’s already a very straightforward design. I was in two minds about the finished icon, unsure whether to add a white outline similar to the other circular icons in the project (like Safari and iTunes), and in the end I created both so you can choose which one you like best below. Personally, I think the one without the outline is better, but the choice is yours.

Google Chrome iOS 7 style icon in Mac Dock

As I mentioned yesterday, you can now use the LiteIcon 3.0 beta to change your application and system icons in Mavericks. Find out more about it here, and grab the app itself for free here.

Google Chrome icon in iOS 7 style

Google Chrome iOS 7 style icon with a white outline

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