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May 15, 2014

iOS 7 Mac icon project: Final Cut Pro X

by Stephen Ashby

Grab the first pro app icon designed in the style of iOS – Final Cut Pro X

Q10 ios7

So it’s the big one at last – Final Cut Pro X. I’m not so sure about this one; I like the overall shape of the design, but otherwise I’m open to suggestions. Obviously the colours are influenced by the current design, and I like the gentle black gradient (it’s something I’ll probably use for all three pro apps to maintain a feeling of them being a trio). However, the multiple colours only work with a shine in the center, and that really isn’t very iOS 7-like.

Let me know what you think of the icon, and if you have any recommendations or suggestions I’m open to them. Of course, you may love it. Either way, you can grab the icon from below and let me know what you think of it in the comments below.

Final Cut Pro X

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    • Mehmet Tunç

      I think the flash in the center just doesn’t match your other icons, but you already said this yourself. If I would be in your position what I would do, is blurring the inside of the icon. Just blur out all the colors, then the flash in the middle won’t look so bad. I hope this helped.

    • Mini Apple Genius

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! As for improving it, I would just get rid of the flash and keep the colors. Also, I send you a e-mail regarding the iOS 7 Mac Project. I sent it to:
      Is that correct? Just tell me the e-mail if it’s not. Thanks again for the FCPX icon! I have been waiting for a while! I’m so happy!

    • Anthony

      My suggestion would be to, as everyone else said, to get rid of the flash. With out the flash, you could make the icon colors be a radial gradient with out any excess shine. However, the icon looks really good, and this doesn’t really apply to me because I do not have Final Cut Pro X.

    • ZannT

      Awesome! I’d suggest to get rid of the flash and just do a gradient with the colours that are normally in the flash. That way it’d look my iOS 7-y. Also, I have some suggestions for apps to create an icon for in the style of iOS 7:

      Adobe Bridge
      Adobe Extension Manager
      Adobe Media Encoder
      Android File Transfer
      DVD Player
      Font Book
      Google Drive
      iConvert Icons
      Image Capture
      SketchBook Express
      Sublime Text
      All apps in the Utilities folder