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Oct 20, 2011

Issue 100 of iCreate on sale now!

by Freddie Harrison

Your favourite magazine for all things Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad hits the shelves today in the form of a very special centenary edition. We’re 100 issues young at iCreate and we’ve pulled out all the stops to celebrate. Find out more and see a sneak preview after the jump.

iCreate's special edition slipcase
iCreate’s special edition slipcase

We’ve thought long and hard about how we should celebrate reaching 100 issues of iCreate, and we came to the conclusion that there’s no better way to do it than to give you 100 Mac Power Tips – the ultimate guide to getting more from your Mac. In this very special centenary edition you’ll find 100 different ways to make the most of your Mac – from Apps to keyboard shortcuts and accessories to upgrades – we’ve worked tirelessly to give you the best advice for the ultimate in creativity and productivity.

That’s not all though, oh no! For this very special 100th issue, we’ve ditched the usual free CD and teamed up with our digital friends to bring you an extra special celebratory DVD, on which you’ll find 100 free creative tutorials, over £100s worth of free software, the first five issues of iCreate in full, all 100 iCreate covers and an interactive history of Apple timeline. We’ve also created a very special and striking front cover, and for those of you who pick up iCreate from a shop, we’ve housed it all in a bespoke slipcase.

As ever, we’ve got some great tutorials for you to try out covering iOS, OS X, iLife and iWeb, as well as a look back at ten years of the iPod. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it, it’s certainly a special one for us and we’d like to say thank you for your support as a reader, without you we wouldn’t be celebrating 100 issues. Here’s to issue 200!

P.S. If you want to get your next 100 issue delivered to your door (and possibly a few days before they hit the shelves), why not consider a subscription? They’re great value and with the festive season just around the corner, they make great presents, too.

Find out about iCreate's first 100 issues
Find out about iCreate’s first 100 issues

100 Mac Power Tips - The ultimate guide to getting more from your mac
100 Mac Power Tips – The ultimate guide to getting more from your mac
We take a look back at ten years of the iPod
We take a look back at ten years of the iPod

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    • Bob

      £7:99! Ouch, is this a one off price hike because it is a 100th. edition?
      I have got every copy of iCeate including all disc’s even when you went the “i don’ t know what i should be called phase” please don’t chase me away with a price hike like this one.

    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your feedback, we really do appreciate it, especially from readers who’ve been with us since the beginning! The price increase is indeed a one-off increase for the special centenary edition. We gave it a lot of thought and decided to go ahead with it on the basis of the increased costs associated with the DVD and slipcase. Although this is more expensive than a normal edition, we’re still of the opinion that the extra content we’ve provided justifies this. As well as the free digital copies of issue 1-5 of iCreate and the £100+ of free software, we’ve also included over 1,000 pages of extra tutorial content on the DVD. To reiterate though, this is a one-off price reflecting issue 100 only, we hope it doesn’t completely put you off the issue, but we can assure that further issues will be on sale at the normal price again.

      Thanks again for your feedback and continued readership.


    • Great issue as usual.

      I teach children how to use iLife in a UK secondary school and I wondered whether I could use the PDF help guides on the DVD with them in the classroom?

    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks very much for your feedback! You’re more than welcome to use the PDF tutorials to aid in your teaching so as long as they’re not edited in any way.



    • Barry Hollbrook

      Hey, I got the digital copy and I wanted to get access to the DVD, but I’m kind of confused. Nice work by the way though- I may think of subscribing.

    • Rob

      Ref Elmedia player, the info says “This issue we’re pleased to bring you the Pro version of the app, worth $19.95.”

      I have installed it, but it asks for an unlock code to obtain the pro version. Where do we obtain the code, or should “worth $19.95” read “at a cost of $19.95” ?

      Thank you for the excellent tutorials.

    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for getting in touch – we’re really please you like the magazine! Unfortunately the covermount DVD isn’t available with the newsstand version of the magazine, as mentioned in the App Store description. To get hold of the DVD you’d need to purchase a physical copy of the magazine. You can do this from or any good newsagent. Thanks again for getting in touch.


    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Rob,

      I’m not sure what app you’re referring to here. The only media player featured on the Issue 100 DVD is the SWF/FLV Player app and this doesn’t require a code. If it’s something else you’re referring to please let me know and I’ll look into it for you.

      Thanks for getting in touch, we’re glad you like the tutorials!


    • Arie van Duijn

      Hi ,
      I’m trying to get a subscription to iCreate as an eMag. I travel a lot and otherwise live in Australia. Love to be able to take you with me on my iPad but find ordering a little confusing. I need some hints.
      Thanks, Arie

    • Freddie Harrison

      Hi Arie,

      Glad to hear you’re looking to subscribe! Firstly, I’m going to presume you’ve updated your iPad to iOS 5 and have download the iCreate Magazine app on Newsstand. That’ll be your first step. Secondly, you’ll want to open your iCreate app and tap the subscribe icon in the top-left corner. From here you can choose at six-month or one year subscription, just tap the price next to the one you’d like to purchase. You’ll then be asked if you want to create a Pixelmags account (which is useful if you ever want to share your subscription across other devices), once you’ve done all of this your first issue should automatically download!

      I hope this helps, do let me know if you run into any issues or anything appears differently on your app.



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